Welcome to Exclusive RDcorp world!

RDcorp is the leading manufacturer in exclusive, ultra thin, high end nail art products. Our signature line is unique Photo - Designs Stickers.
RDcorp offers 2 lines of Photo - Design Products:

  • a regular one for Professionals - these ulta thin stickers are only 25 microns! That is 4 times thinner than the average human hair!
  • and RDcorp "Lovers" line - HD Photo - Design Series (60 microns thin film). You do not need to be a professional nail technician to apply HD Photo - Design Collection. It is so simple to use that you can create an amazing Salon Effect manicure at your home!

The Photo - Design stickers are printed in high resolution to provide maximum impact. Great variety of RDcorp products will help you to create small masterpieces on your nails within only several minutes. It is easy, fast and unique!


Be creative, save your time and have fun!
RDcorp Group


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